About The School  

Douglas County Performance Learning Center

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The Douglas County Performance Learning Center is a non-traditional high school program for Douglas County Students. The PLC creates a business-like atmosphere where students complete coursework using an online curriculum and project-based learning.



Students referred to the PLC:

  • may want to graduate early
  • may be behind in credits
  • may be at risk of dropping out of school
  • are not meeting grade level expectations
  • are experiencing a discrepancy between ability and achievement
  • have no major discipline infractions
  • will be able to complete reading and math activities at a grade level of 8 or higher

Benefits of attending the PLC include:

  • the opportunity to achieve at basic grade level competencies before advancing
  • develop a personal life plan designed to enable them to succeed in school and in life
  • participate in credit recovery
  • access to resources to help with post-secondary planning

Expectations of a PLC student include:

  • maintain 95% daily attendance
  • dress for success
  • pass all assigned courses

Application Process

  • meet with the counselor at base high school
  • pass basic skills assessment
  • complete application for enrollment
  • participate in a student/parent interview with the PLC staff